Edition 2005

20th International Film Critics’ Week

Selection Committee

Francesco di Pace (General delegate), Massimo Causo, Adriano De Grandis, Marco Lombardi, Silvana Silvestri.

In Competition

  • ASÍ by Jesús-Mario Lozano (Mexico)
  • BRICK by Rian Johnson (USA)
  • KUIHUA DUODUO / THE SUNFLOWERS by Wang Baomin (China)
  • MATER NATURA / MOTHER NATURE by Massimo Andrei (Italy)
  • LE PASSAGER / THE PASSENGER by Eric Caravaca (France)
  • PAVEE LACKEEN / THE TRAVELLER GIRL by Perry Ogden (Ireland)
  • YADASHT BAR ZAMIN / WRITING ON THE EARTH by Ali Mohammad Ghasemi (Iran)

Special Event

  • BEŁŻEC by Guillaume Moscovitz (France)

Homage to Alberto Lattuada