Edition 2001

16th International Film Critics’ Week

Selection committee

Andrea Martini (General delegate), Francesco Di Pace, Michele Gottardi, Anton Giulio Mancino, Roberto Nepoti.

In competition

  • GEGE / BROTHER by Yan Yan Mak,( Hong Kong)
  • RAIN by Katherine Lindberg (USA)
  • RASGANÇO by Raquel Branco Rodrigues Freire (Portugal-France)
  • SHŌJO / AN ADOLESCENT by Eiji Okuda (Japan)
  • TORNANDO A CASA / SAILING HOME by Vincenzo Marra (Italy)
  • UN MOMENT DE BONHEUR / A MOMENT OF HAPPINESS by Antoine Santana (France)
  • VAGÓN FUMADOR / SMOKERS ONLY by Verónica Chen (Argentina)

Special screening

  • THE HIRED HAND by Peter Fonda (USA)