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Line-up and special events 2015 unveiled

The National Union of Italian Film Critics and La Biennale di Venezia have unveiled the line-up for the 30th International Film Critics’ Week. The independent section of the 72nd Venice International Film Festival will take place from 2 to 12th September. The 2015 line-up includes a selection of seven first time director’s full-length films from all over the world plus three special events.

In Competition

  • Ana Yurdu / Motherland by Senem Tüzen (Turkey, Greece)

  • Banat (Il viaggio) by Adriano Valerio (Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia)

  • Kalo Pothi / The Black Hen by Min Bahadur Bham (Nepal, France. Germany)

  • Light Years by Esther May Campbell (United Kingdom)

  • Montanha by João Salaviza (Portugal, France)

  • The return by Green Zeng (Singapore)

  • Tanna by Martin Butler and Bentley Dean (Australia, Vanuatu)

Pre-Opening – Special Event Out of Competition

  • Jia / The Family by Liu Shumin (Australia, China)

Opening Film – Special Event Out of Competition – Premio Saturnia SIC 30 Special Award

  • Orphans by Peter Mullan (United Kingdom)

Closing Film – Special Event Out of Competion 

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