Sic@Sic 2016


by Rossella Inglese / Italy 2016 / 13'

Cast and Credits

Original title / Vanilla

Director / Rossella Inglese

Screenplay / Rossella Inglese

Cinematography / Andrea Benjamin Manenti, Maria Vittoria De Lorenzis

Editing / Rossella Inglese, Filippo Patelli

Music / Sonatori Fiorentini, Othello

Sound / Matteo Ortolani, Simone Sigon, Fabio Bruno

Art Direction / Andrea Benjamin Manenti

Costumes / Maria Vittoria De Lorenzis

Cast / Carolina Dovera (Denise), Eriberto Peruzzo (Giacomo), Mariangela Di Paolo (social worker), Antonio Iurino (psychologist), Oscar Genovese (Denise’s father)

Production / Rossella Inglese, Andrea Benjamin Manenti (Fedra Film)

Co-production / Sae Institute Milano

Format / DCP, color

Runtime / 13 min.


Denise is a teenager torn apart from the arms of her father, with whom she has a consensual sexual relation. The girl is sent to a special center and given to the care of people who want to protect her, despite she doesn’t feel the need to. She closes herself up, knowing that she will never be able to be understood.

Rossella Inglese

Rossella IngleseRossella Inglese graduated in Digital Filmmaking. In 2012 she founds the production company Fedra Film and directs commercials and documentaries. In 2013, under the supervision of Mirco Locatelli, she directs her first short, Sara, followed by Alternate World (2015) and Vanilla. At the center of her shorts we find adolescent female characters who deal with their own sexuality.