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Comic books artist Carmine Di Giandomenico creates the image for the 32nd Venice International Film Critics’ Week

The Venice International Film Critics’ Week entrusted the creative genius of Italian writer, penciler, inker, colourist and cover artist Carmine Di Giandomenico with the creation of the image for the poster of its 32nd edition. The historic independent and parallel section organized by the National Union of Italian Film Critics will take place during the Venice International Film Festival (30th August – 9th September, 2017).

An unusual and innovative choice for a sidebar that portrays today’s cinema, and through it, envisages its future, with a selection of debut films. In the cyber-fantasy style image created by Di Giandomenico – one of the few Italian artists who collaborated with two of the most important and active comics publishing houses, Marvel Comics and DC Comics – the muse of cinema glides over the lagoon, reflecting herself in the water, remindful of the past, but projected towards the future. “I wanted to create a feminine figure that would synthesize an idea of cinema that mirrors and filters everyday life turning it into fantasy – explains Di Giandomenico – Cinema as an art that can project narratives, uncovering how reality and dream are two souls that realize they are attracted to each other. Cinema that makes us glide through the present, heading for the future”.

The General Delegate of the Venice International Film Critics’ Week, Giona A. Nazzaro explains: “Di Giandomenico is one of the few artists that managed to completely assimilate the pace of the American serial storytelling and to translate it through a European attitude and a specifically Italian one. This makes him a unique and outstanding artist. Therefore, we wanted to entrust him the image of this year’s edition exactly because he can move towards the future, while preserving the artisanal knowledge of storytelling through images in his touch and gaze. This strategy is close to our sensibility and allows us to both interrogate the present and face the cinematic challenges of tomorrow: looking forward with confidence to new technologies and new languages”.

Carmine Di Giandomenico debuts in 1994 with the comic book “Examen”, written by Daniele Brolli. After working for the publishing houses Sergio Bonelli Editore and SaldaPress, he joins the artistic team of Marvel Comics, for which he draws a series of “What if” comic books on iconic characters, such as Captain America and Wolverine. He also works on the mini-series about Magneto (“Magneto: Testament”), Spider-Man (“Spider-Man Noir”), Iron Man (“Iron Man #500”) and Daredevil (“Battlin’ Jack Murdock”), the latter, he also writes, becoming the first Italian artist to conceive, script and illustrate a story for Marvel. In his impressive career, Di Giandomenico also collaborates with prestigious directors creating the storyboards for various films, such as Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York (2002) and Tsui Hark’s Double Team (1997).
In 2015 he enters the creative team of DC Comics, the legendary US publishing house of Superman and Batman, lending his style and his unmistakable hand to the new stories of “The Flash: Rebirth”, dedicated to the character – created in the 1940s by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert – who challenges the laws of physics by speeding faster than light.
As the hero in red, in 2016 Di Giandomenico becomes the fastest comics artist in the world, drawing 56 boards (70×100 cm) in less than 48 hours, and completing with these drawings his ten volume graphic novel “Oudeis”, an original cyber-fantasy re-adaptation of the Homeric character Ulysses.

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