Sic@Sic 2017


by Francesco Di Leva / Italy 2017 / 13'

Cast and Credits

Original title / MalaMènti

English title / MeanMinds

Director / Francesco Di Leva

Screenplay / Francesco Di Leva, Ciro Petrone

Cinematography / Francesco Di Leva

Editing / Gianluca Paoletti

Music / Francesco Forni

Sound / Stefano Grosso

Production Design / Carmine Guarino

Costume Design / Giovanna Napolitano

Cast / Francesco Di Leva, Ciro Petrone, Sergio Rubini, Nicola Di Pinto

Production Terranera S.A.S. - Francesco Di Leva, Adriano Pantaleo

Associated ProductionParallelo 41 Produzioni Coop. - Antonella Di Nocera

Press AttachéValeria Aiello

Format / Color

Runtime / 13 min.


Ciccio, so called “O’ Pazz” (the Mad Man) and Ciruzzo, so called “Pesce Bello” (Beautiful Fish) are two bloody murderers that smear violence onto the weak. In an atmosphere of supremacy between the miserable, new enemies, apparently inoffensive, seem to start gaining space. Pushed by the alienation of the place, the two criminals start to develop a paranoia even towards two helpless animals: Severino the donkey and Piero the boar. The final showdown is near.

Francesco Di Leva

Francesco Di Leva (1978) was born Naples. He graduated in dramatic arts and worked in theatre with Luca De Filippo, Mario Martone and Francesco Rosi, amongst others. He acted in several TV series. On the big screen, he has worked with Italian directors Vincenzo Marra (Vento di terra), Francesco Patierno (Pater familias) and Claudio Cupellini (Una vita tranquilla – nominated for the David di Donatello in 2010 as Best Supporting Actor). MalaMènti is his debut film as a director.