Sic@Sic 2017

Nausicaa – L’altra Odissea

by Bepi Vigna / Italy 2017 / 20' / Special Event - Opening Short Film


Original title / Nausicaa – L’altra Odissea

English title / Nausicaa – The Other Odyssey

Director / Bepi Vigna

Screenplay / Bepi Vigna

Editing / Lorenzo Visi

Music / Matteo Martis

Sound / Romeo Scaccia

Drawings / Andrea Serio

Animation and graphic effects / Patrizia Principi, Lorenzo Visi

Voices / Mariano Rigillo, Federico Paino, Silvia Siravo

Production Zena Film Soc. Coop. – Massimo Casula

Press AttachéDaniela Staffa

Format / Color

Runtime / 20 min.


Nausicaa, a young princess eager to explore the world, meets Ulysses and is fascinated by his stories. After seducing her, the man abandons her. Nausicaa decides to go and look for him retracing the steps of his journey and begins to find out the truth, often petty, hidden in his incredible stories. Her voyage will then become a growth path through which she will become a woman.

Bepi Vigna

Bepi Vigna (1957) graduated in Law but soon abandoned the profession to become a writer of comic books and graphic novels. He is one of the creators of Nathan Never and Legs Weaver (Sergio Bonelli Publishing House). He worked as a writer in radio and television, as well as authoring theatre plays, novels and scripts. He directed commercials for advertising, documentaries and short films. He is the artistic director of the Nues Festival – Fumetti & Cartoni nel Mediterraneo.