Films 2017

Pin Cushion

by Deborah Haywood / United Kingdom 2017 / 85' / Special event out of competition

Cast and Credits

Original title / Pin Cushion

Director / Deborah Haywood

Screenplay / Deborah Haywood

Cinematography / Nicola Daley

Editing / Anna Dick, Nick Emerson

Music / Natalie Holt

Sound / Ben Baird

Production Design / Francesca Massariol

Costume Design / Andy Blake

Hair and Make-up Design / Sian Wilson

Cast / Joanna Scanlan, Lily Newmark, Loris Scarpa, Sacha Cordy-Nice, BethanyAntonia, Saskia Paige Martin, Sophia Tuckey, John Henshaw, Chanel Cresswell, Bruce Jones, Isy Suttle, Nadine Coyle

Production / Gavin Humphries – Quark Films, Maggie Monteith – Dignity Film Finance

Executive Production / Lizzie Francke, Josephine Rose, Chris Reed – BFI and Dignity Film Finance

International salesStray Dogs

Press AttachéLaura Pettitt – Untitled Communications

Format / Color

Runtime / 85 min.


Unusually close mother Lyn and daughter Iona are excited for their new life in a new town. After a tricky start, Iona becomes ‘best friends’ with Keely, Stacey, and Chelsea. Used to being Iona’s best friend herself, Lyn feels left out, so she also makes friends with Belinda, her neighbour. As much as Lyn and Iona pretend with each other that things are great, things are not going that well for either of them. Both mother and daughter hide behind fantasies and lies. When Lyn understands what is really going on with Iona, she figures out a way to punish her friends and keep Iona safe by her side … forever.

Deborah Haywood

32 SIC - Deborah HaywoodDeborah Haywood (1970) was selected for Screen International’s “UK Stars of Tomorrow” in 2007, following her first short, Lady Margaret. She has written and directed a number of short films all shot in and around her home town of Swadlincote (England). She has been nominated for a British Independent Film Award (BIFA) and won Best Short at Soho Rushes Short Film Festival for SIS. Pin Cushion is her debut feature film and has been supported by the British Film Institute.