Sic@Sic 2018

Nessuno è innocente

by Toni D’Angelo / Italy 2018 / 15' / Special event - Opening short film

Cast and Credits

Original title / Nessuno è innocente

Original Title / Nobody’s Innocent

Director / Toni D’Angelo

Screenplay / Giorgio Caruso, Toni D’Angelo

Cinematography / Rocco Marra

Editing / Marco Spoletini

Sound / Giorgio Durantino

Music / BeatMovie

Costumes / Teresa Papa

Make up / Luana Formicola

Cast / Salvatore Esposito, Riccardo Zinna, Loredana Simioli, Giuseppe Cirillo, Pippo Lorusso m2o

Production / Gaetano Di Vaio e Giovanna Crispino – Bronx Film, Gianluca Curti - Minerva Pictures Group srl, Ferdinando Mormone – Tunnel Produzioni

Associated Production / Pasquale Esposito – Myrtos

Bronx Executive Producer / Antonio Alessi

General Manager / Giovanna Cristino

Production Director / Roberto Venuso

Production Inspector / Davide Zazzaro

Communication and Marketing / Delirium

Press AttachéMarta Scandorza

Runtime / 15 min.


Ermanno lives surrounded by commonplaces about Naples and Scampia: harassed by crime news that describe these cities as a dantesque inferno of shootings, murders, drug dealers. Nevertheless, ordinary good people who do not get into the news live in Scampia. When he finally gets to Naples to sign a deal as a contractor for a project that will boost his career, he has to face reality: the meeting is in a warehouse in Scampia.

Toni D’Angelo

Toni D’AngeloToni D’Angelo (1979) directed three feature films: Una Notte, Best First-Time Director nominee at the David di Donatello; L’innocenza di Clara, in competition at the World Film Fest in Montreal and at the Courmayeur Noir Film Festival; and the crime drama Falchi featuring Michele Riondino and Fortunato Cerlino. In 2010, his documentary Poeti was presented in the Controcampo Italiano section at the 66th Venice International Film Festival. The Rome Film Festival selected his first short film Ore 12 in 2014 and Filmstudio, mon amour in 2015.