Sic@Sic 2018

Si sospetta il movente passionale con l’aggravante dei futili motivi

by Cosimo Alemà / Italy 2018 / 15' / Special event - Closing short film

Cast and Credits

Original title / Si sospetta il movente passionale con l’aggravante dei futili motivi

English Title / Under Suspicion For A Crime Of Passion Aggravated By Triviality

Director / Cosimo Alemà

Screenplay / Armando Maria Trotta, Cosimo Alemà, Matteo Branciamore

Cinematography / Emanuele Zarlenga

Editing / Alessio Borgonuovo

Music / Colombre

Sound / Marco de Carolis

Art Direction / Ivan Portelli

Costume Design / Cristiana Agostinelli, Camilla Giuliani

Cast / Irene Ferri (Irene), Anna Ferraioli (Anna), Pilar Fogliati (Inzia), Nina Fotaras (Giulia), Marco Giuliani (Vigilant), Marco Giallini (Lucio, voice)

Produzione / Cosimo Alemà – 9.99 Films, Maddalena Mayneri – Reef Comunicazione, Francesco Cimpanelli, Francesco Bruschettini – Kahuna Film

Co-production / Andrea Biscaro, Matteo Stefani, Armando Maria Trotta – Bmovie Italia

Press Attaché / StoryfindersLionella Bianca Fiorillo

Format / Color

Runtime / 15 min.


Giulia is getting ready to spend the weekend with Lucio. However, she does not find him waiting for her at the villa where they were supposed to meet. She finds three women instead, they are Lucio’s lovers, who two days before received the same message from him. No one can find him and the women have the same question: why did he get them all together there? The four enemies have to become friends to survive the situation.

Cosimo Alemà

Cosimo AlemàCosimo Alemà (1970) is known for his musical video-clips: in the past fifteen years, he directed over six hundred (working with Italian and international artists such as Ligabue, Skin, Tiziano Ferro, Subsonica, Nelly Furtado, Mina), in addition to several commercials, collecting many awards. After directing three feature films (At the end of the day, La Santa, Zeta), he is working at the TV series “A un passo dal cielo 5”.