Sic@Sic 2018


by Laura Luchetti / Italy 2018 / 9' / Special event

Cast and Credits

Original title / Sugarlove

Director / Laura Luchetti

Story and Screenplay / Laura Luchetti

Animation / Moonchausen

Animation Supervisor / Marco Varriale

Character and Animation Design / Lulù Cancrini, Marco Varriale

Scenography / Cinzia Lo Fazio

Music / Francesco Cerasi

Cinematography / Beppe Gallo – A.I.C. Imago, Dario Scaramuzzino

Editing / Paola Freddi, Lulù Cancrini

Sound / Ivan Caso, Filippo Barracco

Special Effects / Luca Della Grotta

Voice Cast / Pierfrancesco Favino (Marcello), Anna Ferzetti (Gemma), Fabio Canino (Fabio), Eleonora Russo (Eleonora), Andrea Bosca (Andrea), Claudia Potenza (Claudia), Fabrizia Sacchi (Fabrizia)

Produced by / Laura Luchetti, Giovanni Pompili

Production / Donkadillo, Kino produzioni

In Collaboration with / Artitesi, Luxor, Light Cut, Studio Universal

Press Attaché /  Francesca Ginocchi – Studio Universal

Format / Color

Runtime / 9 min.


Gemma and Marcello are about to get married. They have looked forward to this moment for so long. The ceremony is about to begin and they are overwhelmed with emotions, fears and expectations. As every couple, they support each other and imagine their future together, promising eternal love. But they are not like every other couple about to get married: Gemma and Marcello are two sugar paste wedding cake toppers.

Laura Luchetti

Laura LuchettiLaura Luchetti shot several short films awarded in many international festivals, as well as video-clips and advertising. She wrote and directed two theater plays connected to classical music (Il giardino del maestro with Alessio Boni and the adaptation of Histoire du Soldat with Andrea Bosca). She directed and produced a documentary for Channel Four and Miramax on English director Athony Minghella. In 2014 in the US, she was part of the Consenses Art International Exhibition with her first video installation Searching. Her first long-feature film Febbre da Fieno was selected and awarded in important international festivals. Her first stop motion animation project Bagni was nominated for the Nastri d’Argento awards in 2016 and was selected and awarded in numerous international festivals. Fiore Gemello, her second feature film was selected at l’Atelier of the Cannes Film Festival in 2015 and at the Sundance Screenwriters Lab 2015, and is now in post-production.