Films 2018


by Anna Eriksson / Finland 2018 / 90' / In competition

Cast and Credits

Original Title / M

Director / Anna Eriksson

Screenplay / Anna Eriksson

Cinematography / Matti Pyykkö

Editing / Anna Eriksson

Music / Anna Eriksson

Sound / Anna Eriksson

Art Direction / Anna Eriksson

Costume Design / Anna Eriksson

Post-Production / Eliel Kilkki

Graphic Design / Pietari Kaakkomäki

Cast / Anna Eriksson (M), Petri Salo (The psychiatris), Gail Ferguson (Georgia), Axel Sutinen (Gardener), Ari Vieno (The man in the car), José Paiva Wolff (Ruby, The make up artist), Quim-Ze Grilo (Anubis), Gloria Bleezard-Levister (Melody Manners), Alonso Levister (The TV-show host), Susana Gonçalo (The girl in the veil), Steve Remigio Delgado (Abraham), Issey O’Brien (Psychiatrist daughter), Veera Siivonen (The girl in the car), Joni Segerros (The boy in the car)

Production / Anna Eriksson, Ihode Management Ltd, Cursum Perficio

Production Support / The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)

Press Attaché / Kati Nuora

Format / Color

Runtime / 90 min.


M explores the relationship between sexuality and death, which appear to be at opposite poles, but in fact, they merge in all of us, disguising the fear of death or the desire to die, the world of Eros.

Anna Eriksson

Anna ErikssonAnna Eriksson (1977) spent most of her childhood and teenage years traveling around the world and, from early age, she studied music and singing. After graduating, she recorded her first album, which instantly became a huge hit in Finland. She has recorded ten albums since, four of which she wrote and produced. She has won many awards, including two Emma prizes (the Finnish Grammy) and one Teosto Prize, one of the major art awards in the Nordic countries. In 2013, she put her musical career on hold to start working on her first feature film, M.