News 2019

A vortex of shining light: the official image of the 34th Venice Film Critics’ Week

“As we live in a world being divided more and more by politics, art remains one of the few means able to unite people no matter their origin. The Venice International Film Critics’ Week has always been a section that shines a light on the filmmakers of the future with an emphasis on diversity. With this visual I wanted to convey that feeling of creation without the constraints of labels, gender or nationality. These floating bodies heading toward a shining light, embracing a brighter future where all barriers have collapsed.” Christelle Halal

Born in Beirut in 1986, Christelle Halal received an M.A. in Illustration in 2009 from the Lebanese Academy of Fine-Arts where she currently teaches. She works as a freelancer in publishing and advertising. She has illustrated several children’s books and works as a storyboard artist for television commercials and film. She’s been designing the visuals of Maskoon Fantastic Film Festival since 2016.

Download the artwork: click here