Sic@Sic 2019

Los oceanos son los verdaderos continentes

by Tommaso Santambrogio / Italy 2019 / 20' / In competition

Cast and Credits

Original Title / Los oceanos son los verdaderos continentes

English Title / The Oceans Are The Real Continents

Directed by / Tommaso Santambrogio

Screenplay / Tommaso Santambrogio, Alexander Diego, Edith Ibarra

Cinematography / Tommaso Santambrogio

Editing / Matteo Faccenda

Music / Lav Diaz

Sound Editing / Francesco Mauro

Color / Mirko Ciabatti

Cast / Alexander Diego, Edith Ybarra Clara

Production / Tommaso Santambrogio – ChiottoProduction, Gianluca Arcopinto – Palabras, Lav Diaz, Jean Perret, Jorge Yglesias in collaboration with Catedra de humanidades de la EICTV

Delegate Producer / Valentina del Buono

Distribution / Pablo, Kio Film

Format / Color

Runtime / 20 min.


Having Cuba as a background, decadent and in crisis, in a black-and-white lacerated by the Caraibic swinging rain, Alex and Edith, a couple in their 30s, live their love story made of small daily gestures, stories from the past, nostalgia, and a deep intimacy.

Tommaso Santambrogio

Tommaso SantambrogioTommaso Santambrogio (1992) directed his first short film in 2016, D’Istanti Lontani, set between Milan and Paris. He worked as an assistant director in several films, including Il Signor diavolo by Pupi Avati and Quasi Natale by Francesco Lagi. In 2018 he directed Escena Final, a short film made in collaboration with Werner Herzog in the Peruvian Amazon and presented in many festivals around the world. He is currently working on the next film by Lav Diaz in the Philippines.