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Films 2011

La terre outragée

by Michale Boganim / France Ukraine Germany Poland 2011 / 105' / in competition

Cast and credits

Original title / La terre outragée

English title / Land of oblivion

Director / Michale Boganim

Screenplay / Michale Boganim

Cinematography / Yorgos Arvanitis, Antoine Heberlé

Editing / Anne Weil, Thierry Derocles

Music / Leszek Mozdzer

Sound / Frédéric de Ravignan, Francois Waledisch

Costumes / Svetlana Poberezhnaya

Art director / Bruno Margery

Cast / Olga Kurylenko (Anija), Illya Iosivof (Valerij), Andrzej Chyra (Alexei), Vyacheslav Slanko (Nikolaj), Nicolas Wanczycki (Patrick), Serguei Strelnikov (Dimitrij), Nikita Emshanov (Pëtr), Tatiana Rasskazova ( Anija's mother), Julia Artamonov (Karine), Natalya Barteva (Léna)

Production company / Les Films du Poisson

Co-production companies / Vanderstatic, Apple Film Production Ltd, Sarkonela

World sales / Le Pacte

Format / DCP, colour, 1:1.85

Runtime / 105’


April 26th, 1986. On that day, Anya and Piotr celebrate their marriage when an accident occurs at the Chernobyl power station. Piotr the groom, is a fireman, and he has to leave the marriage to estinguish the flames. He never returns. Ten years after, Chernobyl has become a no man’s land and a tourist attraction. Anya is still there, working as a guide. Split between two lovers, she tries to accept the hope of a new life.

Michale Boganim

She studied anthropology at the Sorbonne of Paris and film studies with Jean Rouch, then philosophy at the Hebrew Jerusalem University. In Israel she also studied photography. She moved to London for undertaking cinema studies at the National Film and Television School. She directed a few documentaries, including Odessa…Odessa! in 2005. La Terre outragée is her first feature film.