11th International Film Critics’ Week

Edition 1994

11th International Film Critics’ Week

This edition has been organised outside La Biennale di Venezia.

Selection Committee

Franco La Polla (General Delegate), Fabio Bo, Piera Detassis, Giuseppe Ghigi, Emanuela Martini.

In Competition

  • Akumulator 1 / Accumulator 1 by Jan Sverak (Czech Republic)
  • Cracking Up by Matt Mitler (USA)
  • Don’t Get Me Started by Arthur Ellis (Great Britain)
  • Doroga V Ray / Way To Paradise by Vitalij Moskalenko (Russia)
  • Frankie, Jonny Und Die Anderen / Frankie An Johnnie by Hans-Erich Viet (Germany)
  • Ilayum Mullum / Leaves And Thorns by K.P. Sasi (India)
  • Iron Horsemen by Gilles Charmant (France)
  • Passé Composé / Past Imperfect by Françoise Romand (France-Tunisia)
  • That Eye, The Sky by John Ruane (Australia)

Special Programmes

  • Rancho Notorious by Fritz Lang (USA)
  • The Rutles – All You Need Is Cash by Eric Idle, Gary Weis (Great Britain)
  • Secrets by Michael Pattinson (Australia)
  • The Hours And Times by Christopher Munch (Great Britain)
  • Backbeat by Iain Softley (Great Britain)
  • Berlin by Julij Jakovlevic Rajzman (Russia)
  • It Happened Here by Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo (Great Britain)
  • Moving The Mountain by Michael Apted (Great Britain)