5th International Film Critics’ Week

Edition 1988

5th International Film Critics’ Week

Selection Committee

Enrico Magrelli (General Delegate), Giovanni Buttafava, Roberto Ellero, Andrea Martini, Emanuela Martini.

In Competition

  • Il Bacio Di Giuda / The Kiss Of Judas by Paolo Benvenuti (Italy)
  • Der Gläserne Himmel / The Gassy Sky by Nina Grosse (West Germany)
  • Ghosts… Of The Civil Dead by John Hillcoat (Australia)
  • High Hopes by Mike Leigh (Great Britain)
  • Let’s Get Lost by Bruce Weber (USA)
  • Malen’kaja Vera / Little Vera by Vasilij Picul (URSS)
  • Mortu Nega / Death Denied by Flora Gomes, (Guinea Bissau)
  • Nachsaison / Off Season by Wolfram Paulus (Austria-West Germany)

Special Programmes

  • Patti Rocks by David Burton Morris (USA)
  • Un Petit Monastère En Toscane / A Little Monastery In Tuscany by Otar Ioseliani (France)