About the International Film Critics’ Week

Critics’ Week Goals

To discover new talents, to distinguish emerging trends within the extensive international panorama of cinema, to promote the dissemination of quality films. Drawn together, these are the goals that have characterized the singular vision of Venice International Film Critics’ Week since its birth. 

For these reasons, the section, which is independently organized by the Sindacato Nazionale Critici Cinematografici Italiani (SNCCI)Italian National Union of Film Critics – within the Venice International Film Festival, has for some years now exclusively proposed debut feature films to an audience of cinephiles, film industry professionals and hopefully an increasing number of film goers. 

Every year, seven films are selected by a triennial commission of five members who are associated to the SNCCI and appointed for this sole purpose. The selected films compete for an audience prize that is awarded by the spectators present on Lido Island. This prize has certainly facilitated national and international distributors in acquiring several titles thereby allowing for the films’ diffusion beyond the Venice Film Festival. The films otherwise may have remained unknown for Italian and international audiences. 

The work of the selection committee of the Venice International Film Critics’ Week is mainly a work of research and locating. To give a sport-related comparison, the committee members are like talent scouts searching in the playing fields.