18th International Film Critics’ Week

Edition 2003

18th International Film Critics’ Week

Selection committee

Andrea Martini (General Delegate), Francesco Di Pace, Michele Gottardi, Anton Giulio Mancino, Roberto Nepoti.

In Competition

  • Ana Y Los Otros / Ana And The Others by Celina Murga (Argentina)
  • Ballo A Tre Passi / Three-Step Dance by Salvatore Mereu (Italy)
  • Matrubhoomi / Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women by Manish Jhâ (India)
  • Na-Bi / Mr Butterfly by Marc Kim (South Korea)
  • Twist by Jacob Daniel Tierney (Canada)
  • Variété Française by Frédéric Videau (France)
  • 15 by Royston Tan (Singapore)

Eighth Film

  • Lezate Divanegi / Joy Of Madness by Hana Makmalbaf (Iran)

Special Event

  • Barravento by Glauber Rocha (Brasil)