2nd International Film Critics’ Week

Edition 1985

2nd International Film Critics’ Week

Selection Committee

Giorgio Tinazzi (General Delegate), Roberto Ellero, Enrico Magrelli, Emanuela Martini, Morando Morandini.

In Competition

  • A Strange Love Affair by Eric De Kuyper and Paul Verstraten (The Netherlands)
  • Les Baliseurs Du Désert / Wanderers Of The Desert by Nacer Khemir (Tunisia-France)
  • Fandango by Kevin Reynolds (USA)
  • Nicht Nichts Ohne Dich / Noisy Martha by Pia Frankenberg (West Germany)
  • Der Rekord / Record by Daniel Helfer (West Germany-Switzerland)
  • A Tanitványok / The Disciples by Geza Beremenyi (Hungary)
  • Yesterday by Rodoslaw Piwowarski (Poland)

Special Programmes – Films

  • Docu Drama by Wim Wenders e Ronee Blakley (USA)
  • La Lucarne Du Siècle / What Do Those Old Films Mean? by Noël Burch (France-Great Britain)
  • Nell’Acqua / The Water by Dante Majorana (Italy)
  • The Woman Who Married Clark Gable by Thaddeus O’Sullivan (Ireland-Great Britain)

Special Programmes – Videos

  • Brazil – Cinema, Sex and The Generals by Simon Hartog (Great Britain)
  • The Cabinet Of Jan Svankmajer by Keith Griffiths (Great Britain)
  • David Lean – A Life In Film by Nigel Wattis (Great Britain)
  • The Film Of Stephen Dwoskin by Anna Ambrose (Great Britain)
  • Wendy Toye And Sally Potter: Two Directors by Gina Newson (Great Britain)