7th International Film Critics’ Week

Edition 1990

7th International Film Critics’ Week

Selection Committee

Enrico Magrelli (General Delegate), Alberto Crespi, Giuseppe Ghigi, Andrea Martini, Emanuela Martini.

In Competition

  • Boom Boom by Rosa Vergés (Spain)
  • Cold Light Of Day by Fiona Louise (Great Britain)
  • Dicembre / December by Antonio Monda (Italy)
  • La Discrète / The Discreet Girl by Christian Vincent (France)
  • He’s Still There by Halfdan O. Hussie (USA)
  • Pod’ Nebom Golubim… / Under Blue Sky by Vitalij Dudin (URSS)
  • La Stazione / The Station by Sergio Rubini (Italy)
  • Winckelmanns Reisen / Winckelmanns’s Travels by Jan Schütte (Germany)

Special Programmes

  • The Edge Of The World by Michael Powell (Great Britain)
  • Old Feats by Harry Lachman (Great Britain)