Films 2010

Angèle et Tony

by Alix Delaporte / France 2010 / 85' / in competition

Cast and credits

Original title / Angèle et Tony

English title / Angèle and Tony

Director / Alix Delaporte

Screenplay / Alix Delaporte

Cinematography / Claire Mathon

Editing / Luise Decelle

Music / Mathieu Maestracci

Sound / Pierre Tucat, Arnaud Rolland, Eric Tisserand

Costumes / Bibiane Blondy, Dorothée Guiraud, Julie Couturier

Art direction / Hélène Ustaze

Cast / Clotilde Hesme (Angèle), Grégory Gadebois (Tony), Evelyne Didi (Myriam), Jérôme Huguet (Ryan), Antoine Couleau (Yohan),Patrick Descamps, Patrick Ligardes, Lola Dueñas, Elsa Bouchair, Corinne Marienneau

Producer / Hélène Cases

Production company / Lionceau Films

International distribution / Pyramide International

Format / 35mm, colour, 1:1.85

Runtime / 85’


Normandy. Angèle is a young woman falling apart. She is leaving jail after being held responsible for the accident that caused her husband’s death and now she cannot personally take care of her son, assigned by the judges to the paternal grandparents. Tony is a fisherman used to sacrifices who lives with her widowed mother, after his father disappeared while he was fishing on the high seas. They are both looking for a relation – Angèle desperately wants to form a family in order to take back his son, Tony seeks to escape from the emotional solitude where he is trapped in – and so they meet thanks to a personal ad. Their first rendezvous is not the most positive one…

The director

Scriptwriter and director, Alix Delaporte has made her debut in 2003 with the short film La Piège. She wrote the screenplays for two famous TV series Léa Parker (2003) and Plus belle la vie (2004). As a director, she directed the documentary Zinedine Zidane, comme dans un rêve (2001). In 2006 she won the Golden Lion for Best Short Film at the Venice Film Festival for Comment on freine dans una descente?. Angèle et Tony is her debut feature film.