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Films 2011

El lenguaje de los machetes

by Kyzza Terrazas / Mexico 2011 / 82' / in competition

Cast and credits

Original title / El lenguaje de los machetes

English title / Machete language

Director / Kyzza Terrazas

Screenplay / Kyzza Terrazas

Cinematography / Christian Rivera

Editing / Yibrán Asuad, Miguel Musálem

Music / Jessy Bulbo

Sound / Alejandro De Icaza

Costumes / Anna Terrazas

Art director / Christopher Lagunes

Cast / Andrés Almeida (Ray), Jessy Bulbo (Ramona), Edwarda Gurrola (Disneylandia), Luisa Huertas (Ramona's mother), Julieta Egurrola (Ray's mother), Jose Macías (Don Urique), Rodrigo Corea (Poli)

Executive producers / Gabriel Nuncio, Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Liliana Torres, Yibrán Asuad, Gerardo Naranjo, Natalia Beristain

Producers / Rafael Ley, Kyzza Terrazas

Production company / Mr. Woo

Co-production company / Fondo para la produccion cinematografica de calidad (Foprocine)

World sales / Fi.Ga. Films

Format / DCP, colour, 1:1.85

Runtime / 82'


Thirty-somethings Ray and Ramona, are in a long-term relationship and ready for an extreme, incomprehensible act. Armed with sticks of dynamite, they plan to attack a public place. How did they conceive such a nihilist and tragic act? Ray – from a middle-class family with whom he has a conflicted relationship – has always been a political activist ready to publicly fight for human rights and social justice. Ramona is the unrestrained singer of a punk band. Their love story, based on shared anarchist feelings, is often rippled by harsh conflicts. It will lead them to the point of no return of a suicide attack that mercilessly allows no second thoughts.

Kyzza Terrazas

34-year-old, he was born in Nairobi and studied cinema at Columbia University in New York. He published his first collection of short stories in 1997 and then a second one in 2010. He realised several short films working as scriptwriter, producer and director. He also wrote the screenplay of Deficit by Gael Garcia Bernal, that has been presented at Cannes Critics’ Week in 2007. He is currently working for the Mexican National Film Library creating an archive of amateur and home movies.