Films 2009


by Tarik Saleh / Sweden 2009 / 86' / opening film out of competition


Original title / Metropia

English title / Metropia

Director / Tarik Saleh

Screenplay / Stig Larsson, Fredrik Edin, Tarik Saleh

Cinematography / Sesse Lind

Editing / Johan Söderberg

Animation / Christian Ryltenius, Isak Gjertsen

Music / Krister Linder

Art director / Martin Hultman

Voices / Vincent Gallo (Roger), Juliette Lewis (Nina), Udo Kier (Ivan Bahn), Stellan Skarsgård (Ralph Parker)

Format / 35 mm, colour, animation

Runtime / 86′


Metropia is an animated movie sets in a near future. The global energetic crisis has induced the creation of a huge European subway network. Roger, employee of a call centre in Stockholm, goes into a station and there he hears strange voices in his mind, just before encountering a fascinating and mysterious woman, Nina, and he decides to follow her. She helps him to escape from this subway “disorders”, but Roger, little by little, is more and more involved in an obscure conspiracy.

The director

Tarik Saleh was born in Stockholm in 1972, and when he was still young he made his way among the Graffiti artists. His murals are still visible in the western periphery of the Swedish capital city. He co-directed with Erik Gandini the documentaries Sacrificio – Who Betrayed Che Guevara? (2001) and Gitmo – New Rules of War (2005). Therefore he scripted and produced two TV series for the Svt Swedish Television. He’s one of the founders of Atmo Media Network. Metropia is his debut fiction feature.