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Films 2009


by Ilya Demichev / Russia 2009 / 125' / in competition

Cast and credits

Original title / Kakraki

English title / Crawfish-like

Director / Ilya Demichev

Screenplay / Ilya Demichev

Cinematrography / Mikhail Agranovich

Editing / Sergey Ivanov, Olga Proshkina

Music / Eduard Artemiev

Sound / Mirko Perri

Scenography / Kostantin Ly

Cast / Mikhail Efremov, Olga Sunn, Sergey Koltakov, Natalia Vdovina, Elena Safonova, Sergey Gazarov, Alexander Samoilenko, Alexander Bashirov

Production / Saida Medvedeva, Andrey Klishas, Nana Getashvili

Format / 35 mm, colour

Runtime / 125′


Mickail – who saw Gogol’s funeral in his dreams – is a ministerial law officer in Moscow. Mature man, moderate and wealthy, he has a life disciplined by his work, his family and his marked taste for elegant shoes, he takes advantage of his status and doesn’t hesitate to be corrupted. One day, going into a book shop, he falls in love at the first sight with Nastia, a young clerk of Chinese origin. In order to help Nastia’s mother to be operated in Germany, he gets into trouble. In prison a sad revelation is waiting for him, and it will be fatal.

The director

Ilya Demichev, 31 years old, moscowite, born in a family of theatre artists, has already produced some experimental works, included a Goethe’s Faust. As a poet, in 2006 he published the collection of poems Poezia pogranichnikh sostoyanii. In 2008 he worked at the script of Shakhty and in 2009 at the script of Polmetra.