News 2015

Alessandro Rak authors the new opening sequence of the Venice International Film Critics’ Week

To celebrate its 30th annyversary, the Venice International Film Critics’ Week chose to renew its opening sequence by handing it over to Alessandro Rak (director of L’arte della felicità, a Critics’ Week debut), who delivered an animated gem that from this year will welcome the audience before each screening.

“The new opening sequence – explains the General Delegate Francesco Di Pace – it’s a beautiful present that makes us very happy: it lasts only 40 seconds, but it is a small animation film signed by an author that started his successful career right here at Critics’ Week, which took him all the way to the European Film Award to be awarded with the best European animated film prize. We thank Alessandro Rak and factory MAD and wish them the best of luck for what we believe will be a great set of successes”

The cinema of new talents it’s a city returned to nature, daughter of civilization, of language, nonetheless, savage. The critics’ boat advances gently between canals, it has eyes everywhere, but the cinematographic beast is a roller coaster, a camera born to prey and then take off. Those who love her shall follow her.

“The opening sequence – explains the author, Alessandro Rak – it’s nothing more than a night sigh: from wake one goes to the night of new cinema, without notable stars giving judgment and preconceived ideas, just the need for a new path. We wake-up at the end of the week, with a headache, or at best, with just some broken bones. As if we slept too much in someone else’s dream. Or in a good mood, satisfied first thing in the morning, as if one lied in its own certainties for too long”